About California Bitcoin ATMs

Nearest Bitcoin ATMs. Throughout California.

At California Bitcoin ATMs, we provide information and directions on Bitcoin ATM locations throughout the state of California. Purchasing Bitcoin is easy and instant when using a Bitcoin ATM. Find addresses to machines by checking out our Bitcoin ATM Near Me Map. Please note that crypto machines only accept cash.

Bitcoin ATMs are a secure way to purchase Bitcoin instantly with cash. There is no prior account needed when using a machine. With California Bitcoin ATMs, you can see the location Google StreetView before clicking directions and going to the ATM. Find machines throughout California with our map and visit our other maps to find locations nationwide.

How To Buy Bitcoin

1. Scan your Bitcoin Wallet QR Code if purchasing Bitcoin.

2. Insert cash one bill at a time into the Bitcoin Machine.

3. Confirm the Bitcoin purchase and click the Buy Button on the machine.

4. And thats it! Congratulations, you will receive Bitcoin in your wallet.

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